Soapbox Dirty was a weekly, quick hit podcast that examined hot topics in life and in the media — from headlines to memes — for personal and generational relevance and resonance in the zeitgeist and beyond, with a wink you can practically hear. It was written, produced and conceived by Vivian Manning-Schaffel and co-hosted by Andrew Sotomayor and Christian Sanders. 



Laughing/Katie Goodman
March 19, 2017

Katie Goodman, Broad Comedy sketch leader, comical cabaret queen and writer joins Vivian and Andrew this week for an interview about her creative journey, what it's like to write all facets of comedy and how she never runs out of ideas. 


The Stars With Susan Miller, Part 1
February 16, 2017

This week, Vivian and Andrew interview world-renowned astrologer Susan Miller of and InStyle! In their candid convo, she shares what led her to study astrology, what life is really like when so many readers are obsessed with your predictions, and the astrological aspect that brought Tom Brady to his Superbowl win. 

Fashion Designer Viktor Luna, Part Two
February 9, 2017

Project Runway All Stars alum and uber innovative fashion designer Viktor Luna joins Viv and Andrew for part two of their exclusive interview, where they chat about Adam Lambert, the real on what it's like to be on reality TV, what led to his decision to come out as HIV-positive on television, and how we can work toward erasing stigmas surrounding the status. 

High Anxiety/Dr. Michelle Golland
November 10, 2016

On this extra special, super sized post-election Soapbox, Vivian Manning-Schaffel and co-host Andrew Sotomayor welcome clinical psychologist Dr. Michelle Golland for some post-election anxiety therapy. Listen as they process the election results and discuss concrete ways to deal with collective and individual anxiety in the face of what's to come. 


The Art of Spin/Thomas Onorato
July 21, 2016

Extra special guest Thomas Onorato, PR & Event Expert and owner of OW Entertainment, educates Vivian and Christian on The Art of Spin and how it relates to celebrity culture 


Another Extra Large Coffee/Barbara Barna
June 2, 2016

The first in a two-part chatfest, Vivian and Christian sit down with casting KWEEN and talent development expert Barbara Barna Abel to talk about the art of getting camera ready, learn what's in "special sauce," and begin some serious Real Housewives of NYC gossip! 


Cunting is a Verb
March 31, 2016

This week, Vivian and Christian squee over Samantha Bee and question the value of porn on Facebook, the whitening of neighborhoods and the proper use of the word "cunt."


Cliff Hangers
March 17, 2016

This week, Vivian and Christian take on Hillary's gaffe, rate the queens on RuPaul's Drag Race and define "cliff hangers."