April 17, 2013
PARENTING ESSAY: A Parent On High Alert

For us Bostonians, Patriot's Day is a holiday that's ours and ours alone. It may fall in mid-April, but the last snow has barely melted and leaves remain tightly-clenched buds on the trees.

January 23, 2013
HUMOR ESSAY: How 'Girls' Is A Balm for the Midlife Crisis

"Girls" creator Lena Dunham may be under the impression that 50-somethings are hating on her, but if my Facebook and Twitter feeds aptly reflect a microcosm of my 40+ demographic, it's clear I'm not the only grown woman in town who's totally stoked for this season of Girls.

June 2, 2012
HUMOR ESSAY: Becoming Fearless: Hair 'Em, Scare 'Em: I'm Afraid To Remember What My Natural Hair Looks Like

When it comes to a gal and her crowning glory, there may be some truth to the antiquated adage, "We always want what we don't have."